Sothys Detox Energie Depolluting Youth Cream - 1.69 oz

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Sothys Detox Energie Depolluting Youth Cream is a multipurpose protective cream that protects the skin against the environmental aggressors such as pollution while revealing radiance in all skin, even dull and stressed skin. The skin becomes weak and less able to defend itself because of Pollution that can be a cause of imbalance inside the skin’s microbiome.

With the powerhouse of antipollution*-energizing-rebalancing formula, the skin is fortified and detoxified to restore the balance and comfort. Detoxifying Peptides help to protect the skin from outdoor, indoor, and internal harmful environment. Organic Energizing Siberian Ginseng Root Extract protects the cell to maintain proper energy levels and boosts intracellular energy while Organic Elderberry Extract protects against pollution and free radicals.

Day after day, Sothys Detox Energie Depolluting Youth Cream will return the skin's natural radiance and reveal a younger and brighter complexion.


  • Reveals radiance in all skin types.
  • Maintains good energy levels.
  • Boosts intracellular energy.
  • Anti-free radical and Anti-pollution protection.
  • Protects skin against harmful environmental.
  • Provides Floral and Musky scent.


Apply on cleansed face and neck.

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