What is PEMF Therapy?

What is PEMF Therapy?

If you are looking for an all-natural way to improve your health and reduce inflammation and pain, you may want to consider PEMF therapy. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, an innovative treatment that delivers electrical stimulation to cells in an attempt to improve wellness, chronic pain, and cellular dysfunction. PEMF has been shown to be incredibly effective in promoting wellness levels and encouraging the body to function more efficiently. In fact, PEMF has been shown to be so effective that it can actually help to slow the aging process.

What is PEMF Therapy?

How does PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy Work?

The human body, just like any other machine in the world is powered by electricity. The cells within our bodies can communicate with each other using electromagnetic fields and if these exchanges stop happening then things start getting worse for them - they become impaired! PEMF therapy works to rebalance out cellular makeup while also restoring functions back into damaged cell fabrics through pulsed electric magnetic therapy which delivers EMFs waves throughout your entire body in an attempt to restore the health of cells. Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation can be considered as a whole body recharger.

How does PEMF therapy work?

What are the Benefits of PEMF therapy?

Reduces migraines

Promotes bone recovery

Improves mental health

Reduces stiffness and pain

Helps with circulation

How does PEMF reduce Migraines?

After one month of consistent use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, users reported significant improvement in less severe headaches. Migraines are generally caused by abnormal brain activity. Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields allow the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels to relax. PEMF has prophylactic effects that can help reduce the frequency and severe pain of migraines. Healthline offers various pillow-like PEMF devices that help soothe migraines and send electromagnetic field frequencies directly to the brain.

. Reduces migranes

How can PEMF promote bone recovery?

Studies have shown patients treated with PEMF for fractures had a faster recovery rate than those who didn't use PEMF techniques. When a human bone is broken, it generates an electrical magnetic field. The electromagnetic energy stimulates the body's natural recovery process. Bone tissue is deposited into areas of negative charge and deposited into areas of positive charge. PEMF therapy devices can promote a negative charge at the fracture area to promote more bone tissue deposit. It increases the structural integrity of bone and cartilage ECM, enhancing repair, and alter the homeostatic balance of signaling cytokines, producing anti-inflammatory effects. HealthyLine offers various knee, arm, shoulder, PEMF mats to help aid in the process of healing bones.

PEMF Therapy Promotes faster healing

How can PEMF therapy improve mental health?

PEMF therapy improves mental health by attacking hormonal and chemical imbalances by sending EMF signals deep into the brain. PEMF also improves the glucose metabolism area of the brain which has been known to be linked with anxiety and depression. PEMF devices also enhances neuron networks which help alter the part of the brain that controls moods. Research shows that PEMF therapy devices are safe and effective to use across the brain, even at high intensities. Pulse electromagetic field thereapy devices repair brain tissue and adjust brain frequency functions, helping to calm overactive, over excited signals. The FDA approval of PEMF devices made it easier for at home treatments.. PEMF Therapy Improved Mental Health

How does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Reduce Chronic Pain?

Low-field magnetic stimulation can help with pain management. Studies have shown that a PEMF device can reduce pain and stiffness from knee osteoarthritis to improve mobility. The energy waves heal at the cellular level delivering pain relief. Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation can also reduce diabetic neuropathic pain. Diabetic neuropathy symptoms include pain and numbness in the legs, feet, and hands. A PEMF therapy device can also target pain response centers in the brain, helping diminish long-term emotional suffering and regulate brain function.

What are the Benefits of Increased Local Circulation?

PEMF therapy can help improve your circulation. Poor circulation can lead to a number of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Infrared PEMF mat therapy can temporarily dilate the blood vessels, which improves blood flow. The improved blood flow will put your body in a relaxed state and encourage a quicker recovery. Increased Local circulation can also help reduce stress and lower your chances of stroke, heart disease, and much more. HealthyLine's Amethyst vest soft covers various blood vessels around the body and can help increase blood circulation

PEMF Therapy Dilated Blood Vessel Vs Constricted

What are the different types of PEMF devices?

There are many different types of PEMF devices on the market ranging from full-body mats to PEMF machines. Below is a list of several options for pulsed electromagnetic field mats.

HealthyLine (PEMF Mat) PlatinumMat Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro

HealthyLine 360 Wrap Set TAJ & SOFT Full 7224 - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro

HealthyLine TAJ-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro

So why should I try PEMF therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has many properties to help aid in reducing migraines, slowing aging, promoting mental health, better sleep, and increasing local circulation. While PEMF therapy isn't a miracle therapy that fixes everything, it has many uses that help aid in the improvement of mental and physical health. 

Benefits of PEMF

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