ZAQ NOVA Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula

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ZAQ NOVA Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula uses vibrations to help remove impurities from your skin. This device is perfect for those looking for a chemical-free and sensitive exfoliation solution. With its 33,000 Hz vibration frequency, the ZAQ NOVA can help you reveal fresh and clear skin.


  • 33,000 Hz Vibration frequency
  • Ideal for clogged pores, excess oil, blackheads
  • Reveals fresh and clear skin/li>
  • Remove impurities from your skin
  • Great for dry, flaky skin and uneven texture

ZAQ NOVA Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula Directions:

To get started using it, simply wet your face and apply a cleanser. Be sure to remove all make up prior to powering on. Tilt the Nova at a 45 degree angle on the parts of your face you want to clean. When you’re done using it, clean the head of the device and charge it for its next use.

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